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"CHOCOLATINO" is very small cattery of Persians & Exotics reg. CFA (№ 218447), FIFe.

We have Persians & Exotics well-known American & European lines: Anz, Blueskyeyes, Bocasana, Boberan, Bolo, Brannaway, Candirand, Catillak, Cattrax, Dark Diamond, El-Zaburs, Furfrenz, Joleigh, Jubileum, Jovan, Kissables, Kitty Charm, Latin Lover, Malinka, Meihua, Melositos, Pajean, Parti Wai, Red Sky, Rhamjoge, RUSLANA, Sugarspun, Tehy, Vickit, Zhao…

Our cats are PKD-negative.

The main goal of our breeding work is getting healthy, socialized kittens that meet modern breed standarts of Persians and Exotics in bicolor variations.

In addition, we have a separate small chocolate breeding program (lines: Katbor-Kis, Chatil de Rex, Tracylooe, Earth-2).

Best regards, Anastasia Semenova.

email: SemenowaAV@rambler.ru

Russia, Moscow, tel.: (+7)9615963854


12/22/2012, Moscow

CFA show org. Chatte Noir Club

Chocolatino's Jewelry Box is the Best in Division, 5-th Best Allbreed Kitten in the ring of W. Travathan

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Photos of CHOCOLATINO's Fedor Emelianenko (TOP-1 kitten of TICA-show, Moscow, 2011, December 16-17.
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2012, May 26-27, TICA-Show in Moscow.


от:2012-07-07 04:05:58
Connie Webb – Best Cat (Allbreed), count – 104 (!!!) AB cats.

C. Lopez – 10 SH, J. Allen – 9 SH.

CHOCOLATINO's Fedor Emelianenko - Best of Best Kitten (TOP-1) TICA-show in Moscow 2011, December, 16-17

count - 66 kittens
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